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10 Window Replacement Mistakes You Should Avoid

Key Takeaways:

  1. Windows add value to your property inside and out as they bring in natural light, regulate temperature, offer added protection from storms, and contribute to overall energy efficiency.
  2. Window replacement can freshen up the look of a home. Still, homeowners need to know what not to do when replacing their windows to save time and headaches during planning. 
  3. Common mistakes include making choices based on price alone; measuring incorrect window opening size; ordering the wrong size jamb; installing without centering it correctly or following manufacturer directions; using the wrong type of spray foam or not insulating properly/caulking correctly or choosing inadequate windows/not researching a company before signing the contract.
  4. Hiring professional installers offers experience with quality materials that come with guarantees & warranties, as well as knowledge of codes & regulations.
  5. They also offer quick completion times compared to DIY projects, which need more assurances.

Windows are often one of the most overlooked features of a home. However, windows go far beyond providing simple views of the outside; they add value to your property inside and out. Not only do windows help bring natural light into your home, but they also help regulate temperature. They also offer added protection from storms and contribute to overall energy efficiency.

If you have owned a house for over 20-30 years, your windows might need replacement. Window replacement can freshen up the look of your home. But before you start renovating, it’s essential to know what not to do —you don’t want a straightforward mistake to turn into a summer-long nuisance! To save time and headaches in planning your window replacement project, Tiger Roofing LLC offers ten common mistakes homeowners make when replacing their windows that you definitely won’t want to repeat.

10 Novice Mistakes When it Comes To Window Installation or Replacement

1. Making Your Choice On Price

If you’re literally “window” shopping, the least expensive window option will be the one to fail you first. It is because it often comes with low-quality materials or inadequate insulation for your climate.

Your residential window size and shape may vary, so it’s not a one size fits all solution. You might get scammed into buying a cheap window or something more expensive than it’s worth. So, how can you deal with this? It’s best to get quotes from different businesses in the market. Ensure you do proper research before you buy them.

2. Measuring Incorrect Window Opening Size

When taking the measurements of your window opening, you should ensure that it’s accurate. Incorrect measurements of replacement windows can lead to a range of issues. Ensuring the correct dimensions is critical for optimal results. You should also measure the trim around the window before replacing it. Consult a professional window installer to get accurate measurements to ensure no problem occurs during installation.

3. Ordering Wrong Size Jambs

A jamb is the vertical part of a window frame, and you must order the right size for your windows. If you get the wrong size jamb, it can lead to severe issues during installation. An experienced professional window installer will help you pick out the correct parts needed for replacement.

4. Installing Windows Without Making Them Centered

When installing windows, you should ensure they are centered on the wall opening. If not, it will weaken the structural integrity and lead to air leakage issues. It’s a common mistake homeowners can make. It may require more precise tools to ensure windows are level, so hiring an experienced installer can be a better choice.

5. Not Following Manufacture Directions

When installing windows, following the manufacturer’s instructions should be a priority. Skipping vital steps can lead to significant installation errors that may only be noticeable after the job is done.

6. Using the Wrong Type of Spray Foam

Spray foam is used for air sealing and insulation around the window frame. But it’s essential to select the correct type of spray foam for your specific job. Using the wrong type can lead to damage, such as warping or corrosion. Experts recommend hiring professionals when dealing with spray foam and window replacement.

7. Not Insulating Properly

Insulation helps reduce heat loss through poor-fitting windows and will improve energy efficiency. It should be done correctly to get optimal results. Ensure you use good insulation material around the opening to prevent cold air from entering your home in winter and warm air escaping in the summertime.

8. Not Caulking Correctly

Caulking is essential for window installation because it prevents water leakage and drafts from coming into your home. Use the right caulk for the job and apply it correctly. Poorly applied or expired caulking will only last for a while, leading to costly repairs shortly.

9. Choosing Inadequate Windows

Installing windows that don’t match your home’s needs can lead to energy loss and unsatisfactory results. Choosing windows meant for the area they are being installed in is essential.

10. Not Researching Properly

It’s necessary to research the contractor before signing any contract. Make sure they have good reviews from past customers and are certified professionals in their field. It’s also best to get quotes from different businesses in the market to compare prices and services.

Does Hiring a Professional Window Installer Make a Difference?

1. Professional Installers Have Experience

Hiring a professional installer can save you time and money in the long run. Professionals have the experience to make sure your windows are installed with all the correct measurements, angles, and materials. They also know how to properly seal and weatherproof your windows for optimal energy efficiency.

2. Quality of Materials Used

When dealing with a professional installer, they will most likely use quality products from trusted brands built to last for many years without needing maintenance or repairs. With DIY projects, it’s easy to skimp on quality materials and use cheaper alternatives, which could cost more if not done correctly.

3. Guarantees And Warranties

When you hire a professional, check the guarantees and warranties on their services. It can help protect your investment if something goes wrong or the windows develop any issues. DIY projects don’t have these assurances and could leave you vulnerable should anything happen.

4. Codes And Regulations

Professionals know all the codes and regulations that apply to home window installation projects, so everything is done according to local laws. DIYers may not be familiar with these requirements, which could result in fines or other problems if caught breaking them.

5. Time Commitment

DIY projects often take far longer than expected due to inexperience and lack of familiarity with the project. On the other hand, professional installers are used to doing this work, so they can get the job done quickly and efficiently. They also handle all the little details that make a difference in how well your windows perform.

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If you’re considering replacing your windows, make sure you do it right by avoiding these ten mistakes. Hire a professional installer experienced in window installation so the job will be done correctly and quickly. This way, you’ll know that your new windows are installed properly, with no regrets afterward.

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