If you don’t use the fireplace in your home or business very often you may think that a chimney inspection and chimney sweep and repair are not necessary. However, flammable creosote and other harmful debris accumulate nonetheless over time resulting in poor air quality that may also include harmful gas emissions.  Tiger Roofing LLC chimney sweeps provide licensed inspection and repair as well as helpful tips for getting the most energy efficiency from your wood burning systems.  Our local chimney sweep experts are fully equipped with both knowledge and the right tools to ensure the safety of your chimney and property.


When I Hire a Chimney Sweep Near Me?

Our local chimney sweep uses long rods equipped with thick bristles to dislodge soot and debris following a high powered vacuuming that is specially made for cleaning chimneys. The work area on your property is carefully prepared beforehand with heavy duty drop cloths and additional materials to ensure cleanliness although chimney vacuums are actually designed with extra strength filters that significantly virtually eliminate dust discharge.   Tiger Roofing LLC chimney sweeps are certified technicians fully equipped to clean the inside of your chimney and all its components including, damper, flue, crown, flue cap, smoke drafts and will thoroughly remove built up soot which that has developed in creosote deposits. A thick coating of toxic hardened soot, creosote is the result of the regular burning of wood or any fossil fuel that must be professionally removed to ensure the continued safe use of your fireplace or any other fuel burning heating system.  In addition, our certified staff will inform you of any cracks or damage in masonry and the chimney flue or water damage that affect the safety and efficiency of your system and provide a written estimate for any required chimney repair before starting any work.


Do I Prepare my Property Prior to a Visit From a Chimney Sweep?

Tiger Roofing LLC kindly requests that you make your fireplace easily accessible before your scheduled appointment for chimney sweep and / or chimney repair. Our chimney sweeps make customer satisfaction their priority and are pleased to answer any questions you may have.


Chimney Inspection Necessary?

In addition to a dangerous buildup of harmful creosote, the following are some important reasons for getting your chimney checked each year.

Animal Nests

Many forms of wildlife take up residence in a chimney and are able to create elaborate nests that can blockages and hygiene hazards and toxic decay if the animal dies. Tiger Roofing LLC provides humane and safe removal of fur and feathered friends that may have made your chimney their home.

Cracks in the Masonry or Chimney Flue

After years of temperature fluctuations brick chimneys are susceptible to cracks over time that can compromise safety and the proper functioning of a fireplace. In addition the liner in the chimney flue may become damaged after years of exposure to toxic fumes and smoke. Tiger Roofing LLC chimney sweeps inspect the flue and chimney liner and test the damper carefully to ensure maximum efficiency and provide a detailed analysis and repair recommendations when required.

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Regular chimney inspections and cleaning are a crucial part of property maintenance. If you are searching for a company that is completely qualified to provide any chimney services that you could possibly need, then Tiger Roofing LLC is here to help. Our chimney specialists will always provide you with honest assessments and thorough cleaning, so you can hire us with confidence.

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With many years of quality service under our belts, Tiger Roofing LLC is a name you can trust with your chimney. We promise to bring a great deal of professional knowledge and expertise to your job, so you will never have to be concerned about sloppy work. Discover the difference that our experience makes and guarantee efficiency on your next job by giving our chimney sweeps a Chance

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If you have any wear and tear on your chimney, our team will be able to fix it for you. In addition to our top-notch chimney cleaning, we are also equipped to provide a variety of common repair services. You can count on us to provide a variety of services that will keep your chimney functional and looking great.

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We prioritize safety and reliability in all of our work. Anytime you hire our company, you can rest assured that we will treat your property with the utmost care and respect. We have a great history of incident-free jobs, so you have nothing to worry about when Tiger Roofing LLC is on the job.

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Whether your chimney is made of brick, metal, or another material, our company is qualified to clean it. We aim to eliminate any uncertainty in our prospective clients by offering comprehensive chimney cleaning services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you still have any questions about our capabilities.

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Climbing up on your roof and trying to clean your chimney is not an easy task. With that in mind, it is something that is best left in the hands of trained professionals. Our qualified chimney sweeps will be able to ensure the best possible results and prevent you from putting yourself at risk, so give us a call today and make your life easier.


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