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Metal Roofing Myths – Things To Avoid For A Solid Canopy!

Do you feel you can’t win when it comes to home improvement? One day a contractor is telling you that you need to install a new roof, and the next, they’re insisting metal is the best option.

Before you pull out your hair, take a deep breath and read on. We’ll debunk common metal roofing myths below. Better knowledge about metal roofing misconceptions will help you make an informed decision.

1) Metal Roofs Make Homes Hotter During Summer and Cooler During Winters –FALSE

Many believe metal roofs make homes hotter during summers and cooler during winters. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Metal roofs reflect most of the sun’s heat away from your home, keeping it more relaxed in the summer. And because they’re good at reflecting heat, they also help keep your home warmer in the winter by trapping heat inside.

So, if you reside in a climate with extreme temperatures, a metal roof is a great option to keep your home cooler all year round.

2) Metal Roofs Are Noisy – FALSE

Metal roofs can be noisy during rain if you don’t install them properly. But if you install metal roofs correctly, you shouldn’t have any issues with noise. Metal roofs can be quieter than other roof types because they don’t have as many seams and joints that can creak and moan in the wind.

3) Metal Roofs Are Expensive – FALSE

Metal roofs are pretty affordable, especially when compared to other high-end roofing options like slate or clay. And because they last so much longer than traditional roofing materials, they eventually save you money in the long run.

4) Metal Roofs Rust Over Time – FALSE

If you choose a metal roof made from quality materials, it will not rust. In fact, most metal roofs are backed by manufacturer warranties that guarantee they won’t rust for 20 to 50 years.

5) Metal Roofs Attract Lightning – FALSE

The tallest object in an area attracts lightning first. So, if your home is the tallest object around, it will be hit by lightning whether it has a metal roof or not. Because metal roofs are non-flammable, they provide extra protection against fire caused by lightning strikes.

6) Hail Can Dent Metal Roofs – FALSE

Hail damage is a common roofing myth. The truth is that metal roofs are more resistant to hail than other roofing materials. Most metal roofs come with Class 4 impact resistance ratings, which means they can withstand hailstones up to 2 inches in diameter without any damage.

You might have heard some of these metal roofing myths before, but it’s essential to know the truth to make an informed decision about your home. At Tiger Roofing LLC, your trusted roofing contractor in Terrell, we want to help you safeguard your property from external elements and give you peace of mind with a quality roof. Among ideal ways to go about it is to invest in a strong roof to keep your home protected against the elements.

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