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What If lightning Strikes My Metal Roof?

Key Takeaways:

  • The metal roof can be a fire-resistant option for your home, but it is essential to pay attention to its fire rating and take steps to protect it from lightning strikes.
  • Roofing materials such as asphalt are highly flammable, while metals provide much protection from fires.
  • The life expectancy of metal roofs is about 40 to 70 years. 
  • Trust a reputable company to install your metal roof, as this will help ensure that it is properly installed and maintained.

Metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular and stylish (not to mention practical) roofing option these days. Consider asking your roofing company to install a metal roof. But if you live in a place with bad weather and widespread lightning strikes, you might be a little wary of using metal as your material.

We here at Tiger Roofing, LLC will help you figure out if metal roofing is the way for you.

Let’s start with why lightning strikes metal.

Why lightning strikes metal roofing?

It is a well-circulated (and readily believed myth) that metal roofing can attract more lightning. In reality, lightning mostly strikes tall, pointy and isolated objects. Metal roofs do not increase your home’s chances of getting struck by lightning any more than wood or asphalt roofing materials. 

What if lightning strikes my metal roof?

In the likely event that such a tragedy should befall you, a metal roof will help lessen the impact of the lightning strike and maintain structural integrity. After all, lightning is just negatively charged particles from the sky finding the path of least resistance to the positively charged particles in the ground.

Metal is an ideal conductor of electricity and redirects the charges to the ground. This keeps your home (and rooftop) safe and secure.

Can a metal roof protect my home?

Suppose you live in a place prone to heavy showers or lightning strikes. In that case, metal is an option to consider. Roofing materials such as asphalt are highly flammable. In contrast, metals provide much protection from fires. In addition to that fire resistance, metal roofs protect you against heavy impacts.

As enticing as a metal roof may sound, here are things you must consider practically before committing yourself to metal roofing. 


As metal is regarded as one of the best reflective materials, it is vital to consider the reflectivity index of your metal roofing. Metal roofing is highly effective compared to tiles, concrete, and asphalt shingles. Ideally, it should have a reflectivity rating of a minimum of 0.65, meaning it should reflect 65 percent of the light it gets hit with. This will ensure your home is energy efficient by allowing easy climate control.

Emissivity quality

Another component in creating an energy-efficient home is the emissivity quality of your metal roofing. This tells you how much of the heat energy absorbed by your metal roof will shed over the day. You want the emissivity rating to be as close to 1.00 as possible. It will help you save up on your energy bill. 

Roofing type 

Consider the aesthetic that you’re going for. Metal roofing comes in two popular styles: seam roofs and metal shingles. Try out the seam roofs if you prefer a more modern and sleeker look. Metal shingles are the way to go if you lean more toward the rustic and traditional housing style. With a wide selection of colors and finishes, our roofing company will allow your home to stand out from your neighbors.

Impact resistance 

Impact resistance is critical, primarily if your home is in a place frequented by storms and tornadoes. Having a roof that can withstand the impact of heavy objects such as hailstones and lightning (although you might have a few dents as memories). If you meet the above criteria, metal roofing might be ideal for your home. 

There are many benefits of having a metal roof installed. Our roofing company provides a wide array of options, depending on your needs. Perks of metal roofing are:


While it is true that the initial cost of metal roofing is more compared to asphalt shingles, the life expectancy of metal roofs is about 40 to 70 years. An excellent investment for a little more saves you a great more in the long run. You can replace an asphalt roof about two to five times in the same period.

Fire resistance

As we mentioned before, metals are good conductors of electricity. They can effectively provide electricity a route to the ground or another conductor. This keeps your roof and home safe. Metal roofs also give an added layer of resistance to fire (which is the most dangerous element of a lightning strike), as they don’t allow moisture to build up.  

Energy efficiency

In an era of ever-increasing energy expenditure, roofing company provides quality metal roofs that help save money on energy bills. This is owing to the high reflectivity rate and energy emissivity that serves to maintain a climate control home. The light reflected off your roof means your home will stay protected from the sun’s wrath.

Boost in-home value

Although the upfront cost of metal roof installation may be a bit pricier, it increases your home value in the long run. It can even save you home insurance! Since metal roofs are less prone to damage from bad weather and heavy impact, insurance companies are willing to offer discounts to such homeowners.

It does not require removing the existing roof.

Suppose you decide to install a metal roof. In that case, you may not be required by your building code to remove your preexisting roof. In some cases, they are directly installed on top of your asphalt shingles rooftop.

Not only will this reduce installation costs, but it will also cut down on the labor required to remove the shingles. The only thing that needs to be considered here is that you may need to have an inspection performed on your current roofing to ensure that it’s free from rodent infestations and corrosion.

Ending Note:

Choose from a diverse range of roofing options. Consider availing the services of a roofing company such as Tiger Roofing, LLC, serving Terrell, TX. Our team of dedicated installers is highly skilled in residential and commercial buildings, and we can install the perfect metal roof for you. We treat our customers like family and will help you complete your perfect home with an ideal shelter.

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